CDT-CMP Talks 2018/19

These are the talks that are going on in the centre this year, all CDT-CMP Students are strongly encouraged to attend and all others are welcome

Journal Club
These are Mondays afternoons 2-4pm, these will all be live streamed between Bath and Bristol.

with live streaming to 10W 2.01 (Bath)
Nano Letters 2014 14 (6), 3185-3190

Date Location Speaker Title Paper
22nd October 2018 10W 2.01 (Bath) Rebecca Nicholls Structural phase transition in monolayer MoTe2 driven by electrostatic doping,

Nature  550, 487 (2017)
Alexander Petkov Inducing superconducting correlation in quantum Hall edge states

Nature Physics 13, 693 (2017)
29th October 2018 10W 2.01 (Bath) Morgan Grant Antiferromagnetic Spin Seebeck Effect

Phys. Rev. Lett. 116, 097204 (2016)
 Oliver McHugh Light-field-driven currents in graphene

Nature 550, 224 (2017)
5th November 2018 10W 2.01 (Bath) Greg Wallace Theory of Laser-Controlled Competing Superconducting and Charge Orders

Phys. Rev. Lett. 118, 087002 (2017)
Jarrod Lewis Pressure tuning of light-induced superconductivity in K3C60

Nature Physics 14, 836-841 (2018)
12th November 2018 10W 2.01 (Bath) Aimee Neville Reversible control of spin-polarized supercurrents in ferromagnetic Josephson junctions

Nature Communications 5, 4771 (2014)
Sabrina Waters Sandwich method to grow high quality AlN by MOCVD

J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 51 085104 (2018)
19th November 2018 10W 2.01 (Bath) Craig Watson Low tension graphene drums for electromechanical pressure sensing

2D Materials 3, 011003 (2016)
 26th November 10W 2.01 (Bath) William Broad A ferroelectric quantum phase transition inside the superconducting dome of Sr1−xCaxTiO3−δ

Nature Physics 13, 643 (2017)
William Luckin Spatially resolved edge currents and guided-wave electronic states in graphene

Nature Physics 12, 128 (2016)
3rd December 10W 2.01 (Bath) Owen Moulding Fermi Surface with Dirac Fermions in CaFeAsF Determined via Quantum Oscillations

Phys. Rev. X 8, 011014 (2018)
10th December 3.29 Access Grid Room (Bristol)

with live streaming to 10W 2.01 (Bath)

Rebecca Nicholls Tuning Interlayer Coupling in Large-Area Heterostructures with CVD-Grown MoS2 and WS2 Monolayers

Nano Letters 2014 14 (6), 3185-3190
Alex Petkov Absence of superconductivity in iron polyhydrides at high pressures

Physical Review B 97, 214510 (2018)
Ciara Mackellar Dynamical Mean-Field Theory Plus Numerical Renormalization-Group Study of Spin-Orbital Separation in a Three-Band Hund Metal

Physical Review Letters 115, 136401 (2015)
4th March 3.29 Access Grid Room (Bristol)

with live streaming to 3W 4.2 (Bath)

Morgan Grant Supercurrent in van der Waals Josephson junction

Nano Letters 2014 14 (6), 3185-3190
Oliver McHugh Spatial variation of a giant spin–orbit effect induces electron confinement in graphene on Pb islands

Nature Commun. 7, 10616 (2016)
11th March 3.29 Access Grid Room (Bristol)

with live streaming to 3W 4.2 (Bath)


Greg Wallace Discovery of superconductivity in quasicrystal

Nature Commun. 9, 154 (2018)
Jarrod Lewis Electrically-driven single-photon sources based on colloidal quantum dots with near-optimal antibunching at room temperature

Nature Commun. 8, 1132 (2017)
18th March 3.29 Access Grid Room (Bristol)

with live streaming to 3W 4.2 (Bath)

Aimee Nevill Superconductivity in Ca-doped graphene laminates

Scientific Reports 6, 23254 (2016)
Sabrina Waters Mechanism of Gold-Assisted Exfoliation of Centimeter-Sized Transition-Metal Dichalcogenide Monolayers

ACS Nano 12, 10463 (2018)
1st April 3.29 Access Grid Room (Bristol)

with live streaming to 3W 4.2 (Bath)

Will Luckin  Correlated insulator behaviour at half-filling in magic-angle graphene superlattices

Nature 556, 80 (2018)
8th April 3.29 Access Grid Room (Bristol)

with live streaming to 3W 4.2 (Bath)


Ciara Mackellar Doping induced metal-insulator phase transition in NiO—a reduced density matrix functional theory perspective

New Journal of Physics 17, 093038 (2015)
Will Broad Multiband Superconductivity with Unexpected Deficiency of Nodal Quasiparticles in CeCu2Si2

Phys. Rev. Lett. 112, 067002 (2014)

Seminar Series
The seminar series will start shortly. These will be on Tuesday afternoons 2-4, these are from a variety of people including academics and students based at Bath and Bristol and also external speakers.

These will also be followed with coffee and a discussion.

This page will be updated as these are organised, so please check back regularly.

Date Location Speaker Title More Info
Tuesday 27th November 2018 Bath 3W 4.7 Marcin Mucha-Kruczynski Physics at van der Waals interfaces: Twists, incommensurability and emergent phenomena
Tuesday 12th March 2019 Bath 3W 4.2

with live streaming to Bristol 3.29

Adelina Ilie Local Probing and Nanoscale Tailoring of 2D Materials

Other Presentations

These are the presentations that happen on an ad-hoc basis and generally the students assessed talks but include talks on ETP projects, group work etc.  Everyone is welcome to attend the ones listed on here.

Date Where Who  What
19th March 2019 – 12:00 3.29 Access Grid Room (Bristol)

with live streaming to 3W 4.2 (Bath)

Will Broad EPT2 Presentation – Tony Carrington
19th March 2019 – 12:30 Ciara Mackellar EPT2 Presentation – Anton Souslov
19th March 2019 – 13:00 Sabrina Waters EPT2 Presentation – Enrico Da Como
19th March 2019 – 14:30 Jarrod Lewis EPT2 Presentation – Sven Friedemann
19th March 2019 – 15:00 Aimee Nevill EPT2 Presentation – Sven Friedemann
19th March 2019 – 15:30 Will Luckin EPT2 Presentation – Stephen Clark
12th April 2019 – 14:00 1.23 (Bristol) Workshop in CMP
12th April 2019 – 14:30 Outreach on the web
12th April 2019 – 15:00 Videos in CMP

This page will be updated as these are organised, so please check back regularly.