CMP CDT hold a number of events during the year.  We strongly encourage that interested researchers, academics and industry partners attend our events as applicable.

Find out more about our CDT-CMP talks such as Journal Club (talks from the students on a particular paper), Seminar Series (talks from Academics involved in CMP CDT, students and external invited speakers) and other ad hoc presentations. Everyone is welcome to attend these sessions.

We also attend many other conferences and workshops, find out where we have been visiting below.

Upcoming Events

23rd September 2022CMP Annual Conference & Alumni Event

Previous Events

16th-18th May 2022 – Superconductivity & Correlated Electron Systems Workshop

17th September 2021 – CMP Annual Conference

25th February 2021Careers Day for Mathematics and Physics PhD students

18th September 2020 – CMP Annual Conference

22nd September 2014 – First Cohort Arrive

4th March 2015 – Inter CDT Pub Quiz

1st June 2015 – Attend: NowNANO Summer School, Windsor

18th September 2015 – CMP Annual Conference

November 2015 – Attend: Skills for Business Workshop at Oxford Instruments

21st September 2015 – Cohort 2 Arrive

9th December 2015 – CMP Christmas Dinner

February 2016 – Photon the Robot School Class

7th March 2016 – Inter CDT Pub Quiz

12th -19th March 2016 – Bath Taps into Science

23rd-24th May 2016 – Attend: Scientific meeting new horizons in nanophotonics at Chicheley Hall

June 2016  – Research without Borders

10th-14th July 2016 – Attend: School of Plasmonics and Nano-Optics in Cortona Italy

13th July 2016 – Attend: UK Semiconductors, Sheffield

1st September 2016 –  Attend: TMD-UK Conference

16th September 2016 – CMP Annual Conference

19th September 2016 – Cohort 3 Arrive

November 2016 – Attend: Oxford Instruments – Industrial Business Skills workshop

23rd November 2016 – Bristol Postgraduate Open Day

30th November 2016 – CMP Christmas Dinner

13th December 2016 – CMP Open Day

14th December 2016 Launch of Centre for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology at Bath, directed by Daniel Wolverson

9th & 10th January 2017 – CMP Frontiers Conference

13th-17th January 2017 – Attend: Workshop on U-based Spintronics, JAEA Tokai site, in Japan

15th-20th January 2017 – Attend: Winter school on 2D Materials in Villard-de-Lans, France

4th March 2017 – Festival of Physics

7th March 2017   – Inter CDT Pub Quiz

13th-17th March 2017 – Attend: APS Physics in New Orleans

11th -18th March 2017   Bath Taps into Science

30th April 2017 – Attend: Actinides conference U-based Spintronics, Sendai, Florida

3rd-8th June 2017 – Attend: Gordon Research Seminar and Conference on Superconductivity, New Hampshire, USA

26th June 2017 – CMP Summer Social

2nd – 5th July 2017International Conference on Nanophotonics, Brazil

9th – 14th July 2017 Sutton Trust Summer School

13th July 2017 – Attend: TMD-UK, Identifying the two vertical orientations of the rhenium dichalcogenides

14th July 2017  – Welcome BBQ for new students

18th & 19th July 2017 – Attend: Electronic structure of 2D materials: Theory meets experiment Conference, Diamond Light Source, 

15th September 2017 – CMP Annual Conference

18th September 2017 – Cohort 4 Arrive

29th August – 1st September 2017 – Attend: Flatlands conference, Lausanne, Switzerland

16th-19th October 2017 – Attend: Cutting Edge Topics, Paris, France

22 November 2017Bristol Postgraduate Open Day

5th December 2017CMP Open Day

12th December 2017– CMP Christmas Social

11th and 12th January 2018CMP Frontiers Conference

24th-26th January 2018 – Attend: UK-China 2D Materials Conference

10th -17th March 2018 Bath Taps into Science

14th – 16th May 2018 Pint of Science

18th June 2018Eureka 2018 – Physics in Bath

19th June 2018 – Welcome BBQ for new cohort

11th – 22nd June 2018 – Attend: Condensed Matter Physics in the City 2018

26th-29th June 2018 – Attend:, Germany

29th July – 10th August 2018Physics by the Lake

31st August 2018 – CMP Summer Social

21st September 2018 – CMP Annual Conference

24th September 2018 – Cohort 5 Arrive

28th November 2018 – Oxford Instruments Skills for Business Workshop

5th December 2018 – CMP Christmas Dinner

10 – 11th January 2019 – Frontiers Conference

23rd January 2019 – Shaping The Future

5th March 2019 – Inter-CDT Pub Quiz

20th September 2019 – CMP Annual Conference

9th & 10th January 2020  – CMP Frontiers in Condensed Matter Physics Conference