CDT-CMP team

Professor Stephen Hayden Director
Stephen is a professor in the School of Physics at Bristol. He is the Director of the CDT-CMP and responsible for all the activities of the centre, including plans for its long-term sustainability. His research interests cover high-temperature superconductivity, magnetism and other correlated electron materials. Steve studies these materials using x-ray and neutron scattering, and laboratory-based transport and thermodynamic measurements.

Professor Simon Bending Deputy Director
Simon is a professor in the Department of Physics at Bath. He is particularly responsible for the operation of CDT activities at Bath. Simon’s research focuses on understanding the magnetic properties of superconducting and ferromagnetic materials at the nanoscale. He uses Hall probe magnetic imaging and nanomagnetometry systems.

Dr Steve Andrews Management Team
Steve is a senior lecturer in the Department of Physics at Bath. His current research interests are in ultrafast phenomena in condensed matter, instrument development, nanofabrication and computer modelling. He uses femtosecond pump-probe techniques, in particular, in particular specialization of this method known as time domain terahertz spectroscopy.

Dr Chris Bell Management Team
Chris is a senior lecturer in the School of Physics at Bristol. His research focusses on the creation and control of novel electronic phases of matter in metals, semiconductors, and insulators. Most recently, his work has centred on low dimensional systems, including low-density high-mobility two-dimensional superconductors, and ultrathin ferromagnets.

Professor Antony Carrington Management Team
Tony is a professor in the School of Physics at Bristol. His research focusses on superconductivity in novel materials. He uses measurements of the penetration of electromagnetic radiation into superconductors to probe the low energy excitations. He also uses quantum oscillatory effects to determine the electronic structure.

Professor Daniel Wolverson Management Team
Daniel is a reader in physics at the University of Bath. His research interests include the optical spectroscopy of semiconductors and, in particular, the use of Raman microscopy and magneto-Raman scattering in order to investigate electronic states in semiconductor heterostructures based on II-VI and III-V compound semiconductors, and layered materials (graphene, h-BN, MoS2, and other transition metal dichalcogenides).

Dr Jude Laverock Programme Coordinator
Jude is responsible for coordinating the teaching and training activities of the CDT. Jude’s research interests are focussed on x-ray spectroscopy and microscopy of correlated oxides and metals, including angle-resolved photoemission, resonant inelastic x-ray scattering and x-ray photoemission electron microscopy.

Briony Spraggon CDT Manager
Briony manages the administration and finances of the CDT. Before joining CDT-CMP Briony worked in the School of Mathematics, and previously studied Biology and Law.


Joanna Łucyszyn Centre Coordinator
Joanna coordinates the administration of the CDT-CMP centre as well as coordinates a MSCA Initial Training Network in the Department of Physics at Bath. Before joining CDT-CMP Joanna worked as Department Coordinator in the Department of Physics.