Cohort 5


William Broad I graduated with an MPhys from the University of Oxford. During my final year i worked on characterising zirconium-doped hexaferrites, which exhibit the magnetoelectric effect. I hope to use the CDT to branch out into superconducitivity and novel magnetic materials. In my free time I play drums, classical guitar, and often go to gigs and life drawing.

Morgan Grant I completed my MPhys at the University of Manchester. My masters project involved simulating quantised vortex dynamics and interactions in superfluid-helium-4. My current research interests include superconductivity and spintronics, which I aim to further understand through the CDT-CMP programme. In my spare time I enjoy going to gigs running and playing guitar.

Jarrod Lewis Hi, I’m Jarrod. I graduated with my MSci from the University of Nottingham, with my final year project focussed on the fabrication and characterisation of a graphene-based photodetector using colloidal quantum dots. Currently I am interest in superconductivity and the transport properties of novel materials, and I hope to make use of my first year at the CDT-CMP to determine which area of condensed matter physics to pursue for my PhD.

William Luckin I completed my MSci at Royal Holloway, University of London. My masters project was on the phase diagrams of 1D supersolids, exploring a coherent state representation. I joined the CDT-CMP in order to further my understanding of the theories underlying complex electronic systems. My research interests lie in the behavious of strongly-correlated electron systems and their theoretical description, and the application of QFT in condensed matter.

Ciara Mackellar

Oliver McHugh I joined the Condensed Matter CDT after completed an integrated MPhys at the University of Lancaster, where I began my interest in the field after completing a summer internship after my third year. I primarily enjoy the theoretical side of physics, and I am hoping to be be able to use the skills taught to me by the CDT to simulate spintronic systems for an industry collarborated Western Digital under the supervision of Dr. Martin Gradhand. I believe the CDT will give me a firm base of knowledge of the widerfield, and I’m looking forward to the practical opportunities the first year will bring. Outside of physics I like playing guitar and discovering new music.

Aimee Nevill I completed my undergraduate degree in physics at the University of Bristol. This was then followed by a Masters in Nanotechnology at UCL, where my dissertation concerned studying the accompanying changes in integer and anomalous conductance plateaus as parameters such as tempature, magnetic field, and gate/bias voltages were tuned, in order to discern between different electron interaction regimes.

Both courses have fostered an increased interest in many areas of Condensed Matter Physics, and I’m looking forward to further getting to grips with many concepts such as superconductivity and spintronics, and their potential applications.

In my spare time I really enjoy analogue film photography, origami, going to gigs and cycling around.

Rebecca Nicholls I completed my MPhys at the University of Warwick, rounding off my four years with a project based in optimising the growth of doped ferroelectric thin films. In earlier years I undertook research placements which exposed me to experimental condensed matter physics beyond undergraduate level, giving me a real kick in the direction of the CDT-CMP. I hope to delve deeper into the fabrication and characterisation of devices, when I’m not out climbing or at pole lessons!

Alexander Petkov I did my undergraduate degree in Exeter. During my time there I dedicated a lot of myself to the Game of Thrones and Hide and Seek Societies. My MPhys thesis was on ‘Calcium Stannate and Artificial Photosynthesis’ – a piece of research aimed towards the higher goal of renewalbe production of hydrogen as fuel. I chose to continue my career in this CDT as it allows one to explore more this vast subject – Condensed Matter Physics, before having to commit to the eventual narrower area of research. While I am a theorist at heart, I do want my work to have a strong and positive impact on the modern world. I am passionate about fantasy literature and punk rock.

Greg Wallace

Sabrina Waters Hey I’m Sabrina, yes like the teenage witch. Still waiting for my Hogwarts letter to come, but until then I’ve been keeping myself busy with my studies in Physics. I graduated from Cardiff University after a 4 year MPhys course. My final year project was centred around Atomic and Electrostatic force microscopy on exfoliated graphene flakes from HOPG, using the scotch tape method. My interest in Condensed Matter Physics has grown throughout the years, whilst discovering the different branches it extends to, I have especially enjoyed the courses I’ve studied on compound semiconductors and solar cell technology. I believe the CDT will allow me to continue in my love of learning and let me try out new techniques. I enjoy a variety of things from festivals to sketching and even the odd country walk.

Craig Watson I graduated from the University of Edinburgh and started my PhD at the CDT-CMP in Bristol and Bath in the same year. During my Masters I investigated the intercellular mechanical interactions in biofilms. In my spare time I enjoy powerlifting, judo, and eating myself into a catatonic state.