Student Theses

Cohort 1 (2014 intake)




Lewis Hart

Novel transition metal dichalcogenide semiconductors and heterostructures Prof. Daniel Wolverson

David Hooper 

Second harmonic generation in metallic nanostructured arrays Prof. Ventsislav Valev

Rebecca Purkiss 

Scanning Tunnelling Microscopy of Si(111)-7×7: Local Atomic Manipulation and Light Emission Dr. Peter Sloan

Joshua Robbins

Anomalous Phenomena in Chiral Superconductors Prof. James Annett

Dr. Martin Gradhand

Joe Wilcox 

Investigation of Energy Gap Structure of Strongly Correlated Superconductors Using Linear and Nonlinear Magnetic Penetration Depth Measurements Prof. Anthony Carrington



Cohort 2 (2015 intake)




Jake Ayres

Correlated Electron Systems Under Extreme Conditions: High Fields, High Pressures, Low Temperatures

 Dr. Sven Friedemann

Prof. Antony Carrington

Nicola Bannister

Vibrations and Phase Stabilities of Crystalline Coronene: (Alternative Format Thesis) Dr. Simon Crampin

Dr. Enrico Da Como

Dewan Chowdhury 

Title TBC Dr. Simon Crampin

Aitor Garcia-Ruiz

Signatures of electronic excitations in the Raman spectra of graphene materials Dr. Marcin Mucha-Kruczynski

Emma Gilroy

Uranium-based Spintronics Dr. Chris Bell

Dr. Ross Springell

Torsten Jensen

The Crystallisation and Excitonic Luminescence of Molecular Crystals Prof. Simon Hall

Daniel Lagos

Electronic Structure and Magnetic Properties of Transition Metal High Entropy Alloys Prof. Stephen Dugdale

Elisha Mercado

Optimisation of low-dimensional materials for thermal management applications and novel passivation layers in devices Dr. James W Pomeroy

Prof. Martin H H Kuball

Lauren Cane

Title TBC Prof. Stephen Hayden

Hannah Robarts

Spin and charge fluctuations in cuprate superconductors studied with resonant inelastic x-ray scattering Prof. Stephen Dugdale

Prof. Stephen Hayden

Charles Sayers 

Charge density wave phenomena in trigonal transition metal dichalcogenides Dr. Enrico Da Como

Richard Waite

Neutron Scattering Studies of Spin-Density Waves in Itinerant Systems  Prof. Stephen Hayden


Cohort 3 (2016 intake)




Paolo Abrami

Magnetic Torque and Transport Investigation of the Pseudogap and CDW in YBa2Cu3O6+x Prof. Antony Carrington

Liam Farrar

Title TBC Prof. Simon Bending

Lawrence Gammond

Hot Science Under Pressure Prof. Phil Salmon

Surani Gunasekera

Electronic properties of layered rhenium dichalcogenides Dr. Marcin Mucha-Kruczynski

Prof. Daniel Wolverson

Charlie Hall 

Novel Approaches to the formation of metastable polymorphs of organic molecules Prof. Simon R Hall

Dr. Sean A Davis

Alyn James 

The effect of local correlations on the wave functions and experiment-theory comparisons within strongly and weakly correlated materials Prof. Stephen B Dugdale

Nathan Missault 

Title TBC Prof. Walther Schwarzacher

Owen Moulding

Electrical Transport Studies In Superconductors At Extreme Pressures Dr. Sven Friedemann

Prof. Antony Carrington

Tom Saunderson

The effect of impurities on the superconducting state Dr. Martin Gradhand

Prof. James F Annett


Cohort 4 (2017 intake)




Chloe Clear

Optical properties of solid state emitters in structured environments

Dr. Dara McCutcheon and Prof. Ruth Oulton