Below is a list, ordered by year, of published scientific papers arising from work involving CDT students and supervisors (their names are highlighted in bold):

2017 | 2016

2017 Publications

  • A Raman metrology approach to quality control of 2D MoS2 film fabrication
    Mercado, E, Goodyear, A, Moffat, J, Cooke, M and Sundaram, R S
    Journal of Physics D-applied Physics 50, 184005 (2017)
  • Electronic bandstructure and van der Waals coupling of ReSe2 revealed by high-resolution angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy
    Hart, L S, Webb, J L, Dale, S, Bending, S, Mucha-Kruczynski, M, Wolverson, D, Chen, C Y, Avila, J and Asensio, M C
    Scientific Reports 7, 5145 (2017). PhysRevB.96.115205
  • Strong rotational anisotropies affect nonlinear chiral metamaterials
    Hooper, D C, Mark, A G, Kuppe, C,  Collins, J T, Fischer, P and Valev, V K
    Advanced Materials 29, 1605110 (2017).
  • Polymorphism in crystals of bis(4-bromophenyl)fumaronitrile through vapour phase growth
    Jensen, E, Potticary, J, Terry, L, Bruce Macdonald, H E, Gerit Bradenburg, J, Hall S R
    CrystEngComm, 10.1039/C7CE01543G (2017). CE/C7CE01543G



2016 Publications

  • Rhenium dichalcogenides: Layered semiconductors with two  vertical orientations
    Hart, L C, Dale, S, Hoye, S, Webb, J L and Wolverson, D
    Nano Letters 16, 1381 (2016).
  • Effective chiral behaviour on self-assembled titled gold nanowires metasurface by means of linear and  nonlinear optical techniques
    Belardini, A, Leahu, G, Centini, M, Li Voti, R, Fazio, E, Sibilia, E, Haus, J W, Sarangan, A, Hooper, D and Valev, V K
    Nonlinear Optics And Its Applications Iv 9894, 98941V (2016).
  • Chiral light intrinsically couples to extrinsic/pseudo-chiral metasurfaces made of tilted gold nanowires
    Belardini, A, Centini, M, Leahu, G, Hooper, D C, Li Voti, R, Fazio, E, Haus, J W, Sarangan, A, Valev, V K, Sibilia, C
    Scientific Reports 6, 31796 (2016).
  • Lattice Dynamics of the Rhenium and Technetium Dichalcogenindes
    Wolverson, D and Hart, L S
    Nanoscale Research Letters 11, 250 (2016).
  • Rhenium Dichalcogenides: Layered semiconductors with two vertical orientations
    Hart, L C, Dale, S, Hoye, S, Webb, J L and Wolverson, D
    Nano Letters 16, 1381 (2016).