Frontiers in Condensed Matter Physics conference

Researchers from the School of Physics hosted the annual conference “Frontiers in Condensed Matter Physics” in January 2020. Sven Friedemann, Stephen Clark, Chris Bell, Sven Badoux, and Joe Wilcox worked with Briony Spraggon and Scott Hazell from the CDT.

With more than 150 participants, the 2-day meeting was an excellent opportunity for researchers to present their work and many fruitful discussions emerged. Besides the 32 talks contributed from the community, 4 internationally renowned speakers presented the areas of unconventional superconductivity, graphene and 2D materials, magnetism, and many-body physics. A public talk by Prof Seamus Davis was a clear highlight, explaining to the general audience how materials research is the basis for quantum technologies in the 21st century.

More information can be found on the website:

Photo: Posters ready for presentations.