Cohort 2 Partner Placements!

Students from our second cohort are eagerly setting off to complete a 6 week placement with our Industry, Facility and Academic Partners.

Emma and Dewan are heading to High Field Magnet Laboratory, Nijmegen The Netherlands, to gain an ‘insider’s’ view of the operation of a large international research facility. They will be involved in all aspects of the preparation of the magnet, including sample pre-characterization and experimental debugging. We hope it will give each student a sense of what it takes to complete a successful experimental project at a large-scale research facility, something that is very different to the usual University laboratory-based experience.

Hannah and Torsten are heading to Oxford Instruments NanoScience, where they will be working on instrumentations and measurements in a cryogenic environment using LabView software.

Elisha is off to Oxford Instruments Plasma where she will work under the supervision of applications lab staff in developing new processing technologies.

Lauren and Charles are going Renishaw, where the project will involve sample preparation, advanced Raman measurements, and analysis of the resulting data. The data will be carefully fitted to develop new predictive models.

Richard is going to ISIS. The aim of this placement is to develop a fast and accurate powder averaging algorithm so that powder neutron spectra can be fitted to a spinwave or lattice dynamics model.

Jake is off to NPL, where the aim of the project is to develop a new simple measurement probe suitable for recovering very low level signals in cryogenic environments.

We look forward to hearing about their experiences when they return!