Partner Placements 2018

It’s that time of year again where our latest cohort (4) are getting ready to undertake their 6 week placements with our Industry, Facility and Academic Partners.

Matthew and Benjamin will be off to Renishaw with the aim of developing their Raman instrumentation, including follow-up measurements on samples of scientific merit or public interest to promote their capability.

Taylor is off to NPL where he will implement complex noise measurements under cryogenic conditions. He will learn lots about noise.

Joe and Robert are heading off to the HFML in the Netherlands, where they will be testing a new dilution refrigerator from Leiden cryogenics to extend the temperature range of their strongest (38 T) magnet.

Will C is going to Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology to learn how to run a thin film processing tool, and to perform structured experiments in process optimisation. They will characterise the results using measurement equipment at OIPT and at the University.

Chloe and Giuseppe are heading to Oxford Instrument Nanoscience, where they will investigate the relationship between sample temperature and cold finger temperature. These data will then be used to guide systematic improvements in the instrument.

Israel will be going to STFC, and his project will involve conducting low temperature experiments on some interesting materials. He will work with others in the group on developing the experiments and evaluating potential applications.

Lukas will be at Cryogenic, where the goal of the project will be to contribute towards developing new instrument measurements capabilities.

Alexander is going to Siemens where he will investigate how improvements can be made in the choice of materials for their product development. Measurements will be made on high performance instruments at Siemens as well as at the University.